Sunday School
Most Sundays, all children are invited to participate in the worship service with their families until it is time for Church school to start. When the pastors dismiss the children, they gather in the narthex to be brought to their classrooms by the Sunday School teachers. Parents are asked to pick up their children in the upstairs classrooms after the service.

Children's Chapel
On the first Sunday of the month, children ages three and up are invited to participate in Children's Chapel. This is a kid-friendly worship service that's designed to engage kids in various aspects of worship, as well as give our kids a chance to lead each other in prayer and song! It begins at the same time as the regular service, with all children being brought back to the sanctuary in time to be served Communion with their families.

At First Congregational Church, the table is set and all are invited, regardless of age. Of course, whether or not a child participates in Communion is left to the discretion of his or her parents, but we welcome and celebrate all who come to the table.

FCC Riverside is open to baptizing both children and adults. As a community, we see baptism as a ritual that welcomes a person into the larger body of Christ, and do not require that the one being baptized be previously associated with our congregation.

If you have further questions about Children's Christian Education or the Youth Program, please contact Pastor Hannah Burke,